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That’s Ironic. Is it?

Another selection from our first show.  Written by Jaysen, we wondered if playing key scenes from Alanis Morissette’s classic hit would actually be ironic.  Ironically, it’s neither ironic, or funny.  Enjoy.


First Ever Sketch :- iGenesis

On September 28th 2012 – we performed our first ever show – “Things Can Only Get Worse….”  This was how we opened the show.  Excuse the sound, we had/have very limited resources.


Yes, it’s actually happening.  You’ve been waiting almost five months but our new show is about to happen.
On April 7th at The ImprovShop we unleash our sexy salute to Love and Relationships :- Orgy!

Originally planned to coincide with Valentine’s weekend, we dug deep into our well of comedy and came up with some of the sexiest sketches we had.  Then we procrastinated and managed to miss our original deadline.  Luckily for us we finally found a venue!

For those that came to our first show, you may see some familiar sketches – due to popular demand we’ve resurrected some of the fan favorites.

To RSVP to the event via Facebook – use this link Orgy!

Art by David Stevenson.