trending? yes we were.

You may have noticed for a few hours on Wednesday April 24th 2013 that our short film “SaniPorn – A Plumber Calls” was trending on

This was pretty exciting for us.

To celebrate this, here is a tale of how the film came to be, by Jaysen.

“It all started forming in my brain box after I watched a documentary on NetFlix called “Cleanflix“.  The film is about a company called Clean Flicks, based in Utah, which takes R-Rated movies and edits any objectionable content out of them, so that they are acceptable for Mormons to watch.  I won’t get into the whys and wherefores, watch the movie.  It’s good.

Now the irony powered, comedy machine in my brain set me on this train of thought :- What if a Mormon wants to watch porn?

They’d have to make an edited porn, that was safe for Mormons, right?

Which is where the idea for SaniPorn came up.

The film was written in two days, and the porn section filmed over a weekend in January.

Surprisingly it was a pretty efficient shoot.  We used Lyndsay’s iPhone on the Saturday, and my Aiptek HD camera on the second.  The editing process happened pretty swiftly, but we had one problem;  the sound was terrible.  Luckily, this was meant to look terrible, so dubbing the sound not only made sense, but made the whole thing much funnier, (in our opinion).”

Thanks Jaysen!

If you haven’t watched the film yet, uhhh, shame on you.  Click the link below.  Don’t forget to vote for it as Funny, and share it over as many social media channels as you can.

And now, here for your enjoyment are some behind the scenes photos.


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