Friend File:- STL Up Late

STL Up Late is St.Louis’ only live comedy/sketch/talk show.

Check out their latest commercial parody video :-




riding on the metro #LiveTweet

It seems some people missed this…

On Wednesday September 25th we live tweeted our commute through St.Louis – we want you to imagine that all 5 of us crammed onto two seats, also, imagine that the tweets are funny.

Here they are collected together for prosperity.

Friend File :- Alex Ringhausen

Who is Alex Ringhausen?  Why are we talking about him?
Well, he’s essentially The Exacerbater’s 6th member.  We met him wandering around Illinois begging for scraps of paper to write shopping lists of things he could never afford.  We took him in and gave him a home.

Why?  For these two video’s reasons – – the first is a little something he ad-libbed for us the other night.  We asked him to do the monologue from Jaws about the USS Indianapolis – but talk about burgers.

This second is his 4 minute ad-libbed outtake from our 48-hr film project “Use It”

And this is the full 48-hr film project starring young Alex as something not from round here…

There’s gonna be a kerfuffle with Bare Knuckle

Our St.Louis associates Bare Knuckle Comedy are presenting the Undercard open mic night tomorrow at O’Shay’s in The Grove.  The night will be a mixture of stand-up, sketch, improv, short video’s and vacation slides, and The Exacerbaters will be there to perform a sketch, show some video’s and talk about our four month tour of split-level ranch homes in suburban America.  (Just wait till you see the amazing patio work on Mr. and Mrs. Glidehog’s 4-bed 2-bath in Brentwood, TN.)

At no point will we be promoting our fund raising campaign for our short film “Burger Shots.”  Nor will we be mentioning the fund raising page at  Of course, should you wish to give us any money towards the aforementioned project, we will not hesitate to snatch it out of your generous hand and stuff it into our nigh on empty collection (Food) bucket.

Show starts at 8pm – no cover – free show.  That’s right…  wait – – yes, $5 cover into the Food Bucket (please see Exacerbaters directly).


What’s in the bucket?

We made another hilarious video.  This time to promote and help raise funds for “Burger Shots” our next short film.

To watch it click this link –

If you like it, share it.  If you love it, fund it.  If you talk about it, #burgershots


trending? yes we were.

You may have noticed for a few hours on Wednesday April 24th 2013 that our short film “SaniPorn – A Plumber Calls” was trending on This was pretty exciting for us. To celebrate this, here is a tale of how the film came to be, by Jaysen. “It all started forming in my brain […]

SaniPorn – A Plumber Calls

At our show this weekend we premiered our first video sketch.  If you were unable to attend, lucky you – you get to see our first porn film right here.  Enjoy.